Pantone GoeGuide coated + myPANTONE palettes

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PANTONE GoeGuide – Take creative control with over 2000 colours Revolutionise your approach to colour selection, communication and specification with the PANTONE Goe System. PANTONE Goe is designed to meet the evolving needs of today’s graphic design, printing and publishing industries; offering the same ease of use as the world famous PANTONE Matching System, but with over 900 extra colours to choose from.

The PANTONE GoeGuide is an easy to use, comprehensive fan guide featuring all 2058 colours from the PANTONE Goe System chromatically arranged. All colours are printed on coated stock with their RGB values and ink mixing formulas for accurate simulation and reproduction. Every Goe System colour can be reproduced using no more than ten PANTONE inks and PANTONE Clear, giving colour professionals the ultimate in creative control. The GoeGuide also includes myPANTONE Palettes software for digital colour selection and palette creation.