Pantone Universe W2 Mini Mugs PA302 - Mixed mug set

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Pantone Universe PA302 - Set of 6 Mini Mugs - Mixed Colours (Latest 2014 colours)

For all you colour & coffee geeks out there, here is a mini mug that fits perfectly under your Nespresso machine, for a shot of hot coffee in one of the brightest mugs around.

This mini mug is a 1/4 pint size, brought back into our production by popular demand, although this is the first time ever it has appeared in bone china. Ideal for the ubiquitous co ffee makers adorning every kitchen, they are a perfect mid size between our classic mug and espresso cups; these marvellous mini mugs just fit right in.


·         6 Pantone Mini Mugs 

·         Made from bone china

·         Lightweight

·         Dishwasher-safe

·         Microwave-proof

Colours Include:

·         Ketchup Red 186

·         Classic Blue 630

·         Custard Yellow

·         Raspberry 7432

·         Mushy Pea 376

·         Pumpkin 1505

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